B. People spend too much time watching TV. For example, nowadays, children spend much more time watching TV programs than before. Consequently, while people tend to sit and watch TV rather than going outside and doing physical activities, they would run into serious health problems. If this public tendency continues, then in the near future, there would be more pressure on the country’s health problem. This could lead to unexpected hardship and expenses for governments and would negatively affect people’s future life.

C. The development of tourism often creates a negative feeling among local people because they may find their culture and traditions in danger. For example, tourism could negatively affect young people and impose some unexpected changes to their traditions, especially in poor countries. While it is an important issue for governments, the obvious answer is to teach young people their culture and traditions and make them enthusiastic about their historical background. By doing this, although foreign tourists may have an impact on them, they would not forget their traditions and even they would try to discard the inappropriate aspects of their culture and change it in a suitable way. Furthermore, the public population should accept that their traditions would not remain the same forever and it will face some changes as time goes on. Also, the public should accept that they need tourism as they improve their economy by traveling to their country.

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pressure on the country's health problem...

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